At Global Hydration, we've been helping customers solve problems for almost 20 years. Our latest division, Global PPE Canada, was launched in response to the call for PPE from Canadian consumers and front line workers. Leveraging our experience in global logistics, product sourcing and order fulfillment, we are working around the clock to provide high quality PPE to Canadians who need it. From masks and gowns to face shields and infrared thermometers, we're here to help. 

As our name implies, we started with a simple idea to create a solution which could provide safe drinking water in times of emergency, anywhere in the world. And we did, creating the Can Pure Water Purification System which has since become the most advanced portable water purification system in its space, now used by fire departments, NGO's and remote industry around the globe.

Further expansion into Canadian product distribution and e-commerce has given us the experience and tools to help with the current demand for PPE in Canada. Our recipe for success has been our passion for innovation, opportunity, problem solving and customer service. We look forward to sharing this with you during this challenging time.