Terms & Conditions

  • In order to prioritize supply to front line workers who need it the most, we are not currently selling PPE to consumers. 
  • The images and brands listed may not be the same as the PPE you receive as we are concurrently sourcing from multiple brands and facilities. While the brands and packaging may change, the certifications will not
  • We have gone to extreme lengths to carefully vet and review each and every single item with our trusted team on the ground in China. Documentation and certifications specific to each item are available.
  • Pricing and availability is subject to change as a result of the dynamic landscapes we’re encountering with supply, air freight pricing and availability and high USD dollar. 
  • A high US dollar and even higher air freight costs out of China have created pricing which is considerably higher than what you would have encountered through your standard suppliers a year ago who were working with much lower sea freight costs and a much lower US dollar. We are doing everything we can to supply you with the fairest price that we can under the current situations which are simply unprecedented.